Disney 2007


We spent a week visiting Southern California theme parks this spring.

It was fun.

This was the "Electric Parade".

Chip was there.

Or Dale.

There were slides.

We rode some spinning things.

Jennifer and Eva rode some spinning things on chains.

Jennifer got to drive.

This was the line to Pirates of the Caribbean.

At least, the part of the line you can see when you joined it.

We rode in cars shaped like space ships and shot things with lasers.

We sat in giant teacups.

We wore 3D glasses.

3D movies in Southern California include air and water jets in the seat in front of you.

Some lines were long.

This is curious.

As is this.

We went on the Indiana Jones ride.

I bought an Indiana Jones hat.

They had castles there. Things were oddly sized.

We saw this guy at Seaworld. Seaworld was worth the entire trip.

We saw Shamus there.

The grace, gentleness and power of these giants was amazing.

We had lunch with a Shamu.

They wouldn't let me try this.

I had to photoshop an entire family out of existence in this photo.

The Backdraft exhibit is a blast. Stay off the red lines.

Animals are very curious.

The fireworks were good and fun.

I'm a big fan of fireworks.

Thanks for sharing this trip with us.

Friends and Family